Shinkishi Hatai

The founding professor of the Research Center for Marine Biology (RCMB) and Department of Biology, Tohoku University

Dr. Shinkishi Hatai (1876-1963) was the first director of Asamushi Marine Biological Station, Tohoku University (present RCMB), first professor of Department of Biology, Tohoku University, and also the founder of Palau Tropical Marine Biological Laboratory. He conducted studies on various animals (earthworms, mice, fishes, water bears, …) and also contributed to the international science community.
To nuture future biologists with strong leadership and global view like Hatai-sensei, RCMB offers an international marine biology course once in two years.

Shinkishi Hatai Medal

After Hatai-sensei’s death in 1963, the Shinkishi Hatai Medal was established by the Pacific Science Association (PSA) in honor of his leadership and contribution to science in the Pacific region. This prize awards scientists who have made great contribution to marine biology in the Pacific region. Since its establishment in 1966, the medal has been awarded every four years at the Pacific Science Congress. From the 13th award in 2016, Tohoku University took over the role of the Science Council of Japan and is taking part as the secretariat. Now the medal has the seals of the Pacific Science Association and Tohoku University.

Shinkishi Hatai Medal Winners (Year, place, winner, nationality, field of study)

Shinkishi_Hatai-for-web.jpg1966(Tokyo) Dr. Deogracias V. Villadolid (Phillipines) Ichthyology
1971(Canberra) Dr. Carl L. Hubbs (USA) Ichthyology
1975(Vancouver) Dr. Lauren R. Donaldson (USA) Ichthyology
1979(Khabarovsk) Dr. Claude E. ZoBell (USA) Marine Microbiology
1983(Dunedin) Dr. Maxwell S. Doty (USA) Phycology
1987(Seoul) Dr. Shigeru Motoda (Japan) Planktology
1991(Honolulu) Dr. William S. Hoar (Canada) Fish Physiology
1995(Beijing) Dr. C. K. Tseung Phycology
2001(Guam) Dr. Howard A. Bern (USA) Fish Endocrinology
2003(Bangkok) Dr. Bernard Salvat (France) Marine Ecology
2007(Okinawa) Drs. Shirley W. Jeffery (Australia) Phycology & Tsuyoshi Kawasaki (Japan) Ichthyology
2011(Kuala Lumpur) Dr. Katsumi Tsukamoto (Japan) Ichthyology
2016(Taipei) Dr. Ching-Fong Chang (Taiwan) Fish Endocrinology

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