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This laboratory is devoted to the study of molecular and cellular bases of innate behavior, with special reference to the genetic mechanism whereby the behavior has diversified in evolution. Our favorite organism is the fruit fly Drosophila, which is highly amenable to genetic analysis. We succeeded in isolating a mutant strain, satori, the males of which engage in homosexual courtship. satori mutants harbor a mutation in the gene fruitless (fru), which encodes a set of transcription factors Fru proteins that are translated only in the male but not female neurons. We discovered that the presence or absence of Fru determine the sex difference in the structure and survival of expressing neurons. A specific set of male-specific neurons thus produced respond to the key stimuli and initiate male courtship. We are in the process to unveil the entire circuitry for courtship.

(A) Homosexual courtship by satori mutant males.

(B) mAL, a sexually dimorphic fru-expressing neuron cluster (left-side, male; right-side, female).


Dr. Yamamoto was nominated as a "Distinguished Professor 2011."

 17 professors in Tohoku Univ. were named Distinguished Professors for producing great achievements with their superlative expertise.
  Dr. Yamamoto is globally recognized as a pioneer in the study of the molecular genetics of behavior. He is internationally active as a world authority in the field, serving on the editorial board of a prominent overseas scientific journal and the review board for a scientific research fund.

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Dr. Yamamoto has been reviewed in Wikipedia.

 Dr. Yamamoto has been reviewed as a leading biologist in Japan (Japanese only, sorry).

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Recent activities of Yamamoto lab.

Achievement We published an article on the role of Trf2 in fruitless-expressing
         neurons in Nature Communications.
Public relations E-alert and Nikkei online introduced our research.
Public relations Our achievement was appeared inNewsweekwebsite.
Achievement We published an article of optogenetic activation of fruitless-expressing
         neurons in D. subobscura in Journal of Neuroscience.
Public relations Dr. Yamamoto gave a talk in China.
Public relations Dr. Yamamoto gave a lecture in Tokyo.
Public relations Dr. Yamamoto gave a special talk at The Japanese Society for
        Sexual Medicine
Public relations Dr. Yamamoto's comment was appeared in the newspaper.
Public relations Dr. Yamamoto gave a talk in Portugal.
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