3rd International Metasequoia Symposium 本文へジャンプ

■What is Osaka?: Brief information to Osaka
Osaka is located in the Kansai region of the Honshu Island and has a long history as a commercial center of Japan. The city is very near to the oldest cities in Japan, Kyoto and Nara, it requires only one hour by trains. Osaka has traditionally been referred to as the ''nation's kitchen'', or the Mecca of gourmet food. Osaka has also long history since Paleolithic age. There are many historical sites, Naniwa Palace, Osaka Castle and so on in Osaka. There are many museums out of Osaka Museum of Natural History, National Museum of Ethnology, Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka Museum of History and so on.

Osaka Castle

Osaka Museum of Natural History (OMNH) houses collections related to natural history and life. One of the most peculiar collections is the fossil plant studied by Dr. Miki including type specimens of Metasequoia. When attend the 3rd Metasequoia Symposium, you will be able to inspect those type specimens, which are described in papers by Dr. Miki.

■Traffic access
From Kansai International Airport to OMNH: about 1 hour by trains
From Tokyo International Airport (Narita) to OMNH: Narita Airport- (train)- Tokyo stn. - (Shinkansen bullet train)- Osaka stn. -(Subway) - Naga i- OMNH: about 7 hours

There are many hotels with friendly prices in Osaka City. Further information will be in the second circular.

Summer of Osaka is very hot like subtropical region. Average temperature of August is 32.8 degrees with high humidity. Usually sunny days with sporadic shower.

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