Effect of gravity on plant growth and cell wall properties
Nishitani K, Hoson T, Kamisaka S, Yamamoto R., Masuda Y, Yamashita M
Proceedings of the International Symposium on Space Technology and Science 8: 2109-2114
In order to understand roles of gravity in plant growth and development, we compared growth rates and cell wall properties in several plant organs grown under different gravity conditions as follows: (1) simulated micro-gravity conditions produced by a three dimensional (3-D) clinostat, (2) water submergence conditions and (3) hypergravity conditions produced by centrifugation. Growth stimulations was observed under submergence conditions. On the other hand, under hypergravity conditions, plant growth was suppressed. The wide range of gravity conditions appears to act by modifying the chemical and mechanical properties of the cell wall. Thus, the cell wall plays a leading role in the growth regulation processes in a wide spectrum of gravity conditions.
cress, azuki bean, maize, rice, pea, elongation growt h, cell wall properties, three-dimenstional clinostat, bouyancy, hypergravity